Welcome to St Mary, Llanfair Talhaiarn

The church has 13th Century origins when it was dedicated to St Mary. Extensive restorations took place in the 19th Century.. It is a double naved church with an attractive stained glass window and many listed 19th Century memorials to local families. Of particular interest is an Immersion Font (1849), an ancient font bowl in the porch, a Sanctuary Ring in the 17th Century door and a fine Church organ (1880). The poet and architect John Jones 1810-1869, (bardic nameTalhaiarn) is buried in the churchyard.

The church is integral to the life of Llanfairtalhaiarn; it is used for school services for concerts, for weddings, christenings, funerals, concerts and other events. Ysgol Talhaiarn has already spent time in the church and churchyard learning about the heritage and particularly the nature resources that the churchyard offers and further projects are planned. The surrounding stone walled churchyard contains two ancient yew trees and many grave stones that mark the history of the village.

A planned development project is under way and will result in the installation of a toilet, a small kitchen facility, upgraded heating and an increased social space at the west end of the church. In addition there will be steps up the steep bank of the churchyard and a wider path around the side of the church to allow easy access for all.